Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blog Consolidation

Thanks to all who are following my blog, Eclectic Homeschool 4 Life. I am transfering this blog to A Season for All Things. I invite all my friends to come on over and follow the new blog.

A Season for All Things will incorporate our homeschool walk along with chronicling our family life and Christian walk.

Since we are all walking through different seasons in our lives, this new blog will hopefully bring joy and laughter, a peek into our completely imperfect family, thought provoking ideas, and more. I look forward to meeting up with my Eclectic Homeschool followers there. ~ Ellen

I will no longer be updating this blog as of 1/1/11. As part of my new year goal-planning, I am combining the blogs to have better use of my time. Thanks for all your comments and encouragement. I look forward to seeing you at A Season for All Things.


  1. I'll redirect my Google Reader! We consolidated 3 blogs last year - I thought I wanted my posts separated per - which reader might want which pieces of information - but found the stress/work/maintenance was too much. Now that I am on one bog - there is no stress, there's always something to write - and I write for me. :) My you find the joy I have found with our move!

  2. Wow, you worded my thoughts so well! Thanks for following the new blog. ~ Ellen

  3. Ellen- honestly- it has been chilly and rainy. I want my money back! we pay top dollar to live here in paradise- just ask my grocery bill! I think we deserve a refund!

  4. so, I have to change my FOLLOW thing from the eclectichomeschool to the new one?

  5. Sorry Kim, yes and thanks! ~ Ellen


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