Monday, November 1, 2010

CurrClick: Chemistry - Giveaway

Curr Click states: "The first week in November is Chemistry Week Want to hear a confession? Before I started homeschooling, I hated science. “The more I study science the more I believe in God,” Albert Einstein once remarked. Now, I couldn’t agree more with this eccentric scientist. In my house, we can't get enough of science, especially chemistry! Science is not a boring or scary subject, but it took homeschooling a little wanna-be scientist to teach me that.

While you are at it, you should begin to put together your own home chemistry kit.

We have some great giveaways for this week! Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR PROFILE CONTAINS OR THAT YOU INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS. (If you are reading this on Facebook, be sure to leave a comment on the actual post.) This giveaway will be open until 10:00pm EST Friday, November 5th. Please see our rules for more details.

Prizes include:

1.  Learn 'N Folder Notebook: Chemistry by Live and Learn Press

Our Learn 'N Folder Notebooks that accompany Dr. Wile's middle and high school texts make the perfect study aid. All "On Your Own" questions in each module are gathered into one minibook. Each study guide question (or group of related study guide questions) becomes a minibook. Your student will have a compact study guide filled with fun-to-use, manipulative graphic organizers.

2.  Chemistry Bingo Game by Educational Impressions

Here's a great way to reinforce and test knowledge. Each game includes 50 terms with 2 or 3 clues for each. These clue cards are to be chosen randomly as you would in any bingo style game. Students will use their knowledge to search their playing cards for the correct answer. 30 different playing cards are included.

3.  Discover! Simple Chemistry by Milliken
The activities in this book explain elementary concepts in the study of chemistry, including atomic symbols and structure, matter, compounds and mixtures, acids and bases, solvents and solutions, oxidation, and gases.

4.  Chemistry Audio by Twin Sisters

Songs that teach about atoms, compounds, mixtures, elements, forming a hypothesis, and conducting experiments. Great learning fun for young chemists!

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